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New WEX Story Unleashes Power for our Customers

Posted May 23, 2017


WEX recently reached the milestone of $1billion in revenue. You may ask, what exactly does a company do to achieve that kind of growth? Is it by selling fleet gas cards? What about offering virtual payment solutions? And isn’t the company also involved in health benefit administration? The short answer is, WEX offers all these things. And the element that unites them also tells a transformational story about our customers.

Simplifying corporate payments is at the heart of what we do at WEX. Businesses often think of transactions as a necessary evil, entangled in unwieldy systems, data and processes. Our new “Payments Unbound” brand campaign turns that idea on its head, showing companies the possibilities beyond past experiences and how to unlock new avenues of growth, optimization and customer experience.

“Payments Unbound tells the story of how WEX removes the chaos associated with payments and make it easier for companies to focus on what’s important to them. For us, it’s all about helping our customers transform payments into possibilities,” said Scott Brown, corporate creative director, WEX Inc.

A Focus on Efficiency, Insights and Growth

When we work with a business to unlock the potential of its payments system, our partner reaps the benefits of increased efficiency, insights and growth. Our new brand campaign builds on an already strong WEX history of delivering these benefits for businesses in Fleet, Travel and Health.

Efficiency Unbound: With greater efficiency, a business can get more done in less time. For WEX Health partners, this has resulted in more than $250M savings in annual operating costs through claim and payment automation.

Insights Unbound: A payment is more than just a transaction, and when its real power is tapped, a business can unlock insights to improve the entire customer experience. The ability to pay suppliers in over 210 countries and 21 currencies opens up a world of knowledge and opportunity for companies using WEX Travel payment solutions.

Growth Unbound: When a company is freed from complex payment systems, it can focus on improving customer experience and growing its business. Switching over to WEX Fleet from a previous fuel card provider saved a large distribution company over $750k – money it could reinvest in growth.

A Universal Message for a Global Brand

The beauty of the new brand messaging, according to Brown, is its ability to tell the story of how WEX helps companies handle complexity, break down barriers to innovation, and unlock the potential behind payments. The campaign will defuse old thinking with clear and compelling messaging on how companies can simplify the complex world of payment systems and take their business to the next level. Stay tuned to see how it all rolls out in the months ahead.


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