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Posted June 5, 2020

WEX CEO Melissa Smith Featured in Investor’s Business Daily


In an article for Investor’s Business Daily, WEX CEO Melissa Smith provides insight into the ways WEX puts its people first and the success Smith has found leading the company through that lens. “I feel a sense of responsibility on a daily basis to all my stakeholders,” Smith told Investor’s Business Daily. “How our business performs impacts thousands of lives at WEX and their families,” she said.

She has helped build the company from when she first joined WEX in 1997 to encourage a diversity of perspectives, encouraging a “balance of creative conflict” amongst her staff. Smith counsels that differing opinions in a board room bring about better ideas and strategies and this is the foundation of the culture at WEX.

Since becoming CEO, Smith has further transformed WEX from being a fleet and fuel card provider to a role as a top financial payments service provider in travel, corporate payments, and benefits. It is this diversification of products and services that is WEX’s bulwark against trying financial times and WEX’s strong suit during times of economic calm.

Click here to learn more from WEX CEO Melissa Smith in the complete Investor’s Business Daily article.

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