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WEX: Simplifying the business of running a business

Posted February 11, 2022


It is an exciting time at WEX as we continue our work to simplify the business of running a business for our customers and partners. To better reflect that mission, we have refreshed our brand. Our name isn’t changing. We are WEX with a renewed look and feel.

Our logo is evolving. Our mission is still to help your business soar.


While our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services has not and will not change, how we execute on that commitment is evolving. Why? Because when we say we want to simplify the business of running a business, we mean it. We are dedicated to making it easier than ever for you to work with us to add value to your business.

At WEX, we believe that an uninhibited business has the best shot at being its best self. Applying our platforms and people to removing complexity from the inner workings of commerce — that’s what inspires us. It's where WEX helps our customers and partners to open up possibilities and propel business forward.

We’re not changing. The WEX brand is built on the same strong foundations our customers and partners have known and relied on for years. Success, for any business, creates new and interesting opportunities and challenges. We thank our employees around the world for their great work and enthusiasm for problem-solving, as well as our customers and partners for being on this journey with us.

In short, our refined purpose as a company is to help set your business free from operational constraints and complexities so that you can focus on what’s most important: innovating and growing at full speed toward your full potential.

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