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Posted September 5, 2017

tech talk


As a technology company, our goal is to be best-in-class with the development, execution and delivery of our products and services across all our lines of business and in all our geographies. An element of our formula for success is the elevation of our technology culture internally, nurturing everything from innovation to efficiencies. That’s why we recently launched WEX Tech Talk, a forum for our tech community to come together, share ideas and get inspired.

“With WEX Tech Talks, we want to stimulate internal dialog and provide exposure to people’s ideas in a way that previously didn’t exist. We have a lot of talented people working in technology throughout the company, and creating this platform where they can connect is one of the things that will help us build a world-class technology organization,” says WEX CTO David Cooper.

We’ve done an initial call for topics and have already hosted three Tech Talks, with presenters speaking about mobile development for digital wallet using microservices, cybersecurity issues, and machine learning. Presenters are free to choose the best format for their Tech Talk, and we work with each one to help them hone their message for the 30-40 minute presentation that includes a Q&A session. Pizza and beer have been provided at the end-of-the-day sessions, making for an excellent opportunity to network with peers and coworkers.

“The turnout and enthusiasm for Tech Talks have been great, and people are as excited about the opportunity to connect with their peers as they are about the topics being presented. It’s been great working with presenters and seeing the passion they have for their topics and helping them bring that passion to their talks. At the end of the day, though, we tell them that the most important thing is for them to have fun sharing their expertise and perspective with their peers,” says Mark Dolphin, our VP of enterprise standards and practices.

So far, sessions have been held in the café at one of our South Portland offices, with IT professionals from all our offices able to participate via WebEx. Upcoming discussions include two Tech Talks to be hosted from our New Zealand office, one session focused on blockchain technologies and lots more opportunities to share and celebrate learnings with our global technology community. Dolphin notes that they are looking at ways to expand the Tech Talk to WEXers outside of technology, as well as bringing outside technologists as guest speakers next year. The team has built a library of past Tech Talks that can be accessed by WEXers anywhere, anytime.

Stay tuned to Inside WEX for coverage of Tech Talk presentations and ongoing activities from our global technology community.


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