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WEX Virtual Payments Solution Expanding in Singapore

Posted April 5, 2017


As we continue to work to become the answer for companies looking to expand in a globalized economy, we are excited do announce an expansion of our virtual credit card (VCC) program in Asia, adding Singapore to our Asia-Pacific region which currently includes Hong Kong and Thailand.

WEX Expands into Singapore

Announced in a press release on 2 April 2017, the VCC solution will provide additional security and reduced costs for companies by assigning a unique card number that reduces the amount of reconciliations and queries, making invoice processing easier. This comes after the WEX subsidiary WEX Finance Inc. was granted an issuing license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on 14 February 2017, allowing for compliance when offering credit and charge cards under Singapore’s Banking Act.

“We are proud to have achieved this important milestone to support the growth of the WEX virtual product in the Asia Pacific region. Singapore is an important market for us and coupled with the fact that it is a global financial centre, this endorsement marks our commitment to the region,” said Jim Pratt, SVP and GM for Virtual Payments, WEX Inc.

“Obtaining an issuing license in Singapore is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to growing our issuance capabilities in Asia.” said WEX’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Jeff Ames from WEX’s regional headquarters in Singapore. “WEX’s continued focus on providing increased access to new markets in in Asia, and globally, positions us strongly and enables us (WEX) to better support our customers.”

Learn more from the press release, as well as coverage of the news in Seeking Alpha, TTG Media, AFP, Telegraph India, and Payments News by Glenbrook Partners.

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