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WEX’s Renata Caine Featured in The Glass Hammer

Posted April 20, 2017


“I used to think that showing weakness was a sign of inexperience, but by focusing on my confidence I can see that failure is a part of every professional.” These words opened the conversation between leading career resource for women The Glass Hammer and our very own Renata Caine, Vice President, Virtual Payments here at WEX. “I know that imperfection is authentic, and that helps me promote an environment that allows failure when it’s used as a learning experience.”

The Glass Hammer Talks Career Advancement with Renata Caine

WEX partnered with the Glass Hammer, contributing a monthly piece to the magazine to help women in the professional world to reach higher in their careers.

A recent article covered the personal and professional advancement of Ms. Caine, whose career began to flourish after joining the Virtual Payments Division of WEX, an “entrepreneurial and fast-paced” part of our organization that provided the opportunities to learn quickly and do something new.

The article goes on to highlight Ms. Caine’s progression from individual contributor to management of a sales and marketing team that is responsible for working with potential and current customers, something that has provided a welcome challenge, an opportunity to build relationships both internally and externally, and the career growth she has hoped for.

“To me, building an internal team is not so different to supporting external customers. I feel that I’ve found exactly what makes me happy,” said Ms. Caine, adding, “Right now I’m leading a team that’s at full capacity and building them out to know their role in continuing to create a high-achieving cohort. Together we’re all working toward motivating each other and fostering success working together.”

Each month, The Glass Hammer featured the stories and achievements of female WEX employees to help women in the professional world reach higher in their careers.

About WEX and The Glass Hammer

The Glass Hammer was founded as a career resource for professional women. The site provided advice, coaching, and networking opportunities for professional women, namely in finance, technology, and banking. As a sponsor of The Glass Hammer, WEX contributed monthly to this immensely helpful, highly valuable resource for women as they reached higher in their careers and lives.


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