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3 surprising results employees may experience with commuter benefits

Expanded public transit. The rise and rebound of ride-sharing. Increased work-from-home arrangements. The work commute has changed a lot recently, as lawmakers and civic officials grapple with how to effectively support people traveling to and through their ever-growing cities.  New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle are among cities that have enacted laws... Read more »

WEX honors Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating unity in diversity

As October unfolds, painting the days with the brilliant hues of fall, WEX reflects on its vibrant celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, passionately acknowledging and honoring the significant contributions of the Hispanic and Latin community that beautifully weaves into the social, cultural, and economic tapestry of our society. Hispanic Heritage Month, observed annually from September... Read more »

Tips to refine your OE communication strategy and availability

By Jessica Shawn Human Resources Business Partner at WEX The time is now to disrupt open enrollment! While much of the work in the last months has been focused on rate renewals and designing your benefit offerings, the focus must now shift to the open enrollment communication plan.  With a couple years of digital open... Read more »

HSA Day 2022 is here! These resources will help you support employees.

National HSA Awareness Day is today! Every year on October 15, we join forces with our partners, employers, and other industry experts to share the value of health savings accounts (HSAs). With inflation and a declining financial market resulting in nearly half of Americans unable to cover a $400 emergency medical expense, we aim to... Read more »

Rising fleet management costs: 9 ways to mitigate

With the trucking industry experiencing rising prices of everything from windshield wipers, to fuel, to labor, many fleet business owners and managers are having a difficult time keeping their operations running smoothly and effectively. In these uncertain times, understanding the complexities, and considering creative ways to manage your fleet can help improve your bottom line... Read more »

Payment technology: Simplifying processes, driving efficiency, security, and revenue

Payment digitization has led businesses on a quest to create more paper-free back office administration, and the COVID pandemic only served to accelerate the need for contactless payment. For industries like travel, embedded payments technology not only facilitates reservations, ticketing and payments, but provides inexpensive and quick communications between geographically disparate departments. The value derived... Read more »

Dash cameras: Fleet management tools improving driver efficiency and safety

What are fleet dash cameras and how do they work? Equipped with state-of-the-art edge computing software, dash cameras monitor the road and your driver providing video insights when critical events, like accidents, occur. Although dash cameras are always recording video, fleet managers are only alerted when a critical event occurs. These critical event alerts help... Read more »

Managing your commercial fleet’s tire stock: 6 essential steps

With 13.75 million vehicles sold in the United States in 2022, the health of the tire market is critical to the fleet transportation economy. The value of the replacement tire market alone was over $61 billion USD in 2022. Tires are one of the largest expenses for fleets today, and the trend seems to be... Read more »

Create a new revenue stream with optimized digital payments

Although accounting software has revolutionized accounting functions across businesses large and small, manual processes still play a big role in a huge number of accounts payable operations. For some companies, perhaps the thought of automating their systems with digital payments and virtual cards seems daunting or unnecessary.   Explore further with our payments e-book Read... Read more »

Women's History Month: Celebrating female leadership at WEX

There are many ways to lead and many paths to leadership. Whether it be along common routes mapped out by traditional and historically male-led institutions, or via more organic, values-driven approaches, the path to the C Suite can vary. To celebrate Women’s History Month we talked with one of our executives, Karen Stroup, Chief Digital... Read more »