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Help Your Drivers Get Healthier With Simple Weight Loss Tips

Staying in good shape doesn't come easily. It requires a commitment to a healthy eating style, complemented by regular exercise. Due to the necessities of life, however - like work, family and maintaining a healthy social life - it can be difficult to walk this delicate balance. This is particularly true for fleet drivers, where... Read more »

Are Business Travelers Entrenched in the Sharing Economy?

What’s “new” in corporate travel circles? At least for some people, it’s the addition of peer-to-peer services to their corporate travel policies. The most recent GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment reveals that while 44% of companies have policies that allow employees to use sharing economy services, such as taking a ride from an Uber driver or... Read more »

Hurricane Ian: How to prepare your fleet for a natural disaster

Develop a plan for your fleet company to respond to natural disasters We have all felt some measure of uncertainty brought about by changes in our climate, one being due to the increase in weather crises. As you work to manage your fleet, developing a business continuity plan in the face of natural disasters will... Read more »

Confidence Is The Key To Success In The Travel Industry

The UK travel industry is projected to grow over the coming years; however amidst fast changing world events the industry is facing some major challenges which are threatening growth. As a travel company you need to capitalise on growth whilst effectively abating consumer concerns, but how do you do this? We recently conducted a survey... Read more »

Are Digital Wallets In, Out, or Somewhere in Between?

You can’t go a day without seeing contradicting articles on the future of mobile payments. While some pundits tout the bright future of mobile payments, others are more cynical, finding a lack of adoption among Millennials and Generation Z due to lack of convenience or security. It seems at this point that there has to... Read more »

Technology Shakes Up the MICE Industry

In the world of corporate travel, it’s hard to ignore the innovations coming from and being used within the meetings, incentives, conferences, and expos (MICE) space. Meetings industry technology, which brings a “coolness” factor that can draw attendees and enhance their experience, is also enabling meeting planners to work more effectively. And the outlook looks... Read more »

It’s a Family Affair: Multigenerational Travel

More families are loading up the minivan with kids, parents, in-laws, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (or some combination thereof) and heading off to enjoy a holiday together. Multigenerational trips or those involving at least three generations of family members, are in vogue—and there seems to be no end to the opportunities for travel brands... Read more »

Technology’s Rising Impact on the Insurance Industry

The financial services industry is undergoing a tech-infusion, and the insurance marketplace is experiencing its share of digital innovation. While a little late to the fintech game, thanks to a heavily regulated environment and firmly established traditional business practices, “insurtech” is breaking through—quickly and lucratively. A Bit About Insuretech The latest and greatest technology is... Read more »

Filling In the Blanks: Tech Innovation in the Education Sector

From enhancing the classroom experience for teachers and students to facilitating funding and payments among payers, education technology—a.k.a. “EdTech”—is making the grade around the globe. The reason behind technology growth in the education sector is clear: technology needs to keep pace with the demands and preferences of stakeholders across the system. Entering the classrooms each... Read more »

Current Insights into Today’s Affluent Travelers

What does luxury mean to the average affluent traveler? There is not really an “average” affluent traveler in today’s leisure travel marketplace which can be highly personalised and the concept of luxury is remarkably subjective. Luxury is said to be encountered on a case-by-case, almost real-time basis, the definition of luxury can vary from traveler... Read more »