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Lean into the future with WEX, where you get multiple, seamless payment solutions no matter how participants get to work.


Mass Transit

Whether your participants take the train, bus, subway, ferries, UberPOOL, Lyft Shared, or a combination of these transit options to get to work, these costs are eligible expenses (which means that no matter how they get to work, they can save $$ by using their commuter benefits).



If your participants commute with their own vehicle, they can take use them to pay for parking at or near their regular place of employment, use SpotHero to reserve or pre-pay parking spots in select cities, or take advantage of park and ride facilities (if available).

Paperless, Streamlined Payment Solutions

Our solutions mean less work for partners and employers while providing enhanced, high-tech payment options for your participants (that cover various methods of transit).

Pre-Paid Debit Card

An IRS-compliant payment method for transit and parking plans that is accepted at any U.S. terminal. Participants can use their pre-paid debit card for transit, ridesharing, parking, and vanpooling.

Cash Reimbursement

Participants can easily submit for reimbursement of their expenses* through the online account or mobile app.

*Cash reimbursement is allowed for parking plans, vanpool expenses and any post-tax expenses related to an employee’s commute.

Smart Commute

Participants can use a smart card (or similar account-based technology provided by the transit authority) to directly load their commuter benefits funds for specific pass and fare fees.

*Available in four cities (Atlanta, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, and Chicago).

Simplify your commuter benefits

Mobile Payments

Employees can add their benefits debit card to their mobile wallet to take advantage of faster, more secure, and contactless payment systems where available.

While we love our paperless solutions, if your participants prefer paper passes,
we can support that too!

Minimal Hassle For Employers

Employers can easily manage their benefits through their online account. And, with paper pass fulfillment as a thing of the past, employers simply have to track and manage payroll deductions.

One Platform for Commuter and Health Benefits

With our solution, participants can quickly access their benefits account from ONE platform. This means less confusion and more utilization. Plus, when they are on-the-go, they can quickly access their account using our mobile app.

See How It Works in Your City

Whether you’re located in Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. (or anywhere in the U.S.), see how our solution can work in your city.

Ready to add Commuter Benefits to your list of offerings?

Want More Information?

Check out the below resources. If you need more information or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.