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Medicare Advantage benefits card

Deliver a flexible, simple, supplemental benefit solution with the WEX debit card for Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits debit card from WEX

Members enjoy quick access to funds via a VISA or Mastercard restricted, pre-paid debit card for supplemental benefits like dental, vision, hearing, fitness, chiropractic, acupuncture, groceries, OTC, home services, and more with the Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits debit card from WEX.

Plans have the freedom to create flexible benefit accounts that cover one or more categories that best suit member needs. This gives members flexibility on how and where to spend supplemental dollars by simply swiping their debit card.

Example- XYZ Health Plan chooses to offer members a single purse that can be used for fitness, dental, vision, and hearing.

One Card, Your Way (With Our Expertise)

With WEX, you can access a private-labeled and ready-to-use debit card, along with leveraging our expertise, experience, and success with regional and national partners.

Customized debit cards with different options such as fitness, dental, vision, hearing, and more

WEX was first to market in providing debit card-based benefits to Medicare Advantage members.
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Our Innovative Solutions Simplify Benefits For Everyone

Lead With Your Brand

Reloadable, private-labeled Visa / Mastercard that promotes your brand … and stays with your member.

Customize The Experience

From customizing workflow text to adding collateral that helps educate members, you can create an experience that drives success for your offering.

Promote Member Retention

Improve retention and goodwill with your members and their ability to easily spend the dollars.

Define Configuration and Spending

Flexible account configuration and spending controls applied in the way that works best for you.*

*At the segment and/or population levels.

Meet Requirements

Easily meet changing plan requirements from year to year.

Leverage Analytics

Use data and analytics to create a personalized experience for your members to boost engagement.

Create a Seamless Experience

Complete member reimbursement experience that can be integrated into your existing health plan portal.

Choose Your Service Level

With multiple service options available, you can choose what works best for your population.

Simplified, Easy-To-Use Member Experience

With one debit card, one online account, and one mobile app, your members enjoy a simplified, easy-to-use experience that improves engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Member-Driven Benefit

Members can easily spend funds on services that mean the most to them (set by their health plan) without having to worry about spending out of pocket or dealing with the hassle of reimbursement.

Increased Satisfaction and Engagement

Members enjoy a seamless experience when spending at the point of sale; and they spend less time navigating a manual reimbursement process. This boosts engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

User-Friendly Experience

Members can access their real-time balances, see transactions, report cards lost / stolen, and request new cards using a single member portal (via mobile app and online account). Plus, they can access expert customer service agents when they need help.

Want More Information?

Check out the below resources. If you need more information or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.