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Commuter benefits to help your employees save on their work commute

Simplify the administration of your commuter benefits with seamless payment solutions from WEX.

Minimal hassle for you, more value for your members

More commuter coverage

Provide commuter benefits that cover any combination of mass transit (train, bus, subway, and ferries) as well as carpooling, car services, and parking.

One easy platform

Participants get a simplified, personalized experience with one benefits card, one online account, and one mobile app to manage all their benefits.

Streamlined transit payments

Help employees pay for their travels to and from work using pre-tax dollars, all within one streamlined payments solution.

See how WEX helps simplify your commuter benefits administration

Expert reporting

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy for employers to view and update daily, monthly, and on-demand reports to track participant engagement.

Flexible enrollment

WEX offers flexible ways for participant enrollment or mid-year contribution changes for commuter benefits, including through our online platform.

Multiple funding options

Access claim-based funding or contribution-based funding to help ensure adequate funds are available to pay participant claims.

Seamless integration

Integrations with more than 350 payroll/HRIS/benefits administration partners help remove manual processes and save you time.

Pre-paid benefits card

An IRS-compliant payment method for transit and parking plans that is accepted at any U.S. terminal. Participants can use their pre-paid benefits card for transit, ridesharing, parking, and vanpooling.

Cash reimbursement

Participants can easily submit for reimbursement of their expenses* through the online account or mobile app.

*Cash reimbursement is allowed for parking plans, vanpool expenses, and any post-tax expenses related to an employee’s commute.

Smart commute

Participants can use a smart card (or similar account-based technology provided by the transit authority) to directly load their commuter benefits funds for specific pass and fare fees.

*Available in Atlanta, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Mobile payments

Employees can add their benefits card to their mobile wallet to take advantage of faster, more secure, and contactless payment systems where available.

Make it easy for your employees to get the commuter benefits they deserve

Step 1

Select your commuter funding offerings.

Step 2

Employees enroll through the WEX platform.

Step 3

Employees receive benefits either via paperless/mobile or physical cards, or via paycheck reimbursement.

Step 4

Employees swipe their card, use their mobile app, or submit a manual claim.

Step 5

WEX reviews the claim and reimburses the participant from the reserve. If pending claims exceed the reserve funds available, we will notify you and request additional funds. Reimbursement is held until additional funds are received.

Step 6

Reporting and tracking is available in the WEX platform.

Benefits solutions for your specific needs

Benefits administration

Outsource all of your benefits administration needs to WEX and access an end-to-end solution to provide great employee benefits.

Brokers and consultants

Help your clients quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

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