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Promote healthy habits with LSAs

Supporting your employees’ well-being is easy with a fully customizable, post-tax lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs).

WEX makes it simple to offer LSA benefits

Simplified workflow

Our intuitive benefits platform allows you to view and update participant accounts, view reporting, and upload files in one place.

Efficient integrations

WEX engages with 350+ payroll/HRIS/benefit administration partners and more than 225 insurance carriers.

Better participant experience

Participants are provided one online account, mobile app, and benefits card for all their benefits.

Customize your plan to cover the right eligible expenses

  • Physical wellness: Athletic and exercise equipment; gym, health club, spa, and fitness studio memberships; fitness classes and lessons; personal trainer, fitness trackers; entry fees (i.e. marathon) and passes (i.e. ski, golf).
  • Financial wellness: Student loan reimbursement; home purchase expense reimbursement; financial advisor and planning services; financial seminars and classes; identity theft services; and pet insurance premiums.
  • Emotional wellness: Retreats (i.e. leadership, spiritual); camping supplies; meditation and personal development classes (i.e. art, cooking); and annual park pass, hunting, and fishing licenses.

Watch the episode of our Benefits Buzz podcast at right to learn more about building an LSA that works for you.

Average employer contribution
of WEX clients offer a carryover
Average spend for participants using their accounts

Simplify the participant experience while easily managing your entire offering

Step 1

Build an LSA that works best for you and your employees.

Step 2

Set up the custom categories you want to cover, what merchant networks to include, the flexible reimbursement options you will offer, and if you require substantiation.

Step 3

Stack your LSA on the benefits card with other health + comm.

Step 4

Offer participants one card, one platform for all benefits accounts.

Step 5

WEX experts help you all along the way.

Benefits solutions for your specific needs

Benefits administration

Outsource all of your benefits administration needs to WEX and access an end-to-end solution to provide great employee benefits.

Brokers and consultants

Help your clients quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

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