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Voluntary employees’ beneficiary association (VEBA)

Support employees’ long-term healthcare needs by providing the investment and savings benefits of a funded HRA with a VEBA trust account to qualified participants.

WEX makes it easy to offer employer-funded, tax-free irrevocable trust arrangements

Simplify your workflow

Our easy-to-use employer portal makes it easy for you to manage all benefits and COBRA administration with WEX.

No investment threshold

Participants can access high-quality participant investing options from day one.

Better employee experience

With one benefits card, one mobile app, and one online account to manage their VEBA, participants get a simplified experience right from the start.

A simple way for qualified employees to spend VEBA dollars

  • VEBAs are employer-funded, tax-free irrevocable trust arrangements that are often paired with HRAs. Because of this, the term “VEBA” often refers to a funded HRA with VEBA trust. 
  • Employees must be covered by an employer-sponsored health plan to be eligible for a VEBA. 
  • Employees can use their VEBA fund to pay for 213(d) eligible expenses and medicare premiums in retirement. The employer determines eligible expenses and if enrollees can spend their funds on eligible medical expenses while actively employed.

Watch the episode of our Benefits Buzz podcast at right to learn more about VEBAs.

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Help your clients quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

VEBA employee benefits


What is a VEBA?

And how can it support employee needs?

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