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State of Illinois Fleet Card

Get the tools you need to manage fleet fueling expenses and meet your unique state, county and municipal needs. Take advantage of available savings and help keep your drivers safe, 24/7.


Better savings

  • Earn monthly rebates based on gallons purchased
  • Use electronic billing to reduce administrative costs
  • No enrollment, setup, or card fees

Better security

  • Manage spending with purchase limits that you control
  • Driver ID numbers required for every purchase, to help curb misuse

Better accounting

  • Automatic online fuel accounting
  • View card activity in real time
  • Easy one-click reports (plus tax exemption reporting for qualified fleets)

A better experience

  • Use at any major gas station in Illinois and across the U.S.
  • 24/7 support, including roadside assistance
  • Pay for fuel, service, and parts with one card

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