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How to leverage ben admin technology to meet HR challenges

May 23, 2024

Many employees desire a personalized benefits experience, creating a significant challenge for HR teams. They must find the right technology and partner to streamline processes and deliver these personalized interactions while managing complex benefits programs.

Keep reading to learn how technology is evolving to streamline HR processes and strategies for selecting the most suitable benefits administration partner. And watch the second part in our opener for our Season 7 Benefits Buzz podcast below.

Meeting employee expectations through technological evolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizes HR by automating routine tasks and providing valuable insights. Imagine text-friendly communication platforms that streamline onboarding or analytical tools that help personalize employee benefits. By automating the mundane, AI frees HR professionals to focus on the human aspects of people management, creating stronger connections with employees.

How to select a technology and administration partner

Finding the ideal technology and administration partner takes strategic planning. The HR landscape constantly evolves, offering exciting opportunities to improve efficiency and employee experience. HR can navigate these challenges by strategically aligning internal needs with external solutions and propelling businesses forward in the digital age.

Here are three key tips to gain success in choosing the right technology partner:

Internal assessment:

Before diving into the vendor pool, HR  teams should conduct a comprehensive internal audit.  Key considerations include: 

  • Current HR offerings: What functionalities are currently in place?
  • Future goals: Where will your HR department be in the coming years?
  • Overarching objectives: What are your primary business goals, and how can HR contribute to achieving them?

Effective communication with internal stakeholders is essential to secure budget approvals and ensure alignment with organizational objectives. 

Vendor evaluation:

Selecting the right technology partner requires meticulous evaluation over several factors. 

  • Technical capabilities: Do they have the expertise to handle your needs?
  • Investment in technology: Are they constantly innovating and upgrading their solutions?
  • Real-time experience: Do they offer solutions that enhance employee engagement in real-time?
  • Configurability: Can they provide solutions to adapt to your organization’s specific needs?
  • Implementation support and customer service: How well will they guide you through the implementation process and address any issues that arise?
  • Data security: Is your employee data safe and secure?

Ensuring long-term viability:

Making a long-term decision involves careful consideration of various factors, including vendor ownership, system optimization, and future roadmap. HR professionals must select solutions that align with their organization’s values and objectives without overcommitting to unnecessary features or technologies.

  • Explore vendor ownership structures to ensure alignment with organizational values and objectives.
  • Prioritize system optimization by leveraging existing functionalities and collaborating with carriers to explore subsidy options.
  • Focus on long-term partnerships with vendors willing to evolve with organizational needs and offer flexible solutions.

By carefully considering these factors, HR teams can select technology solutions that not only streamline processes but also create personalized and engaging employee experiences.

Make sure to check out our employee benefits engagement guide to gain even more insights into solving your pressing benefits challenges!

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