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EV in the NEWS: Managing Payments in a Mixed Energy Fleet

January 2, 2024

WEX’s electric vehicle (EV) strategy and two WEX executives were featured in Automotive Fleet on January 2, 2024. The story, entitled “Managing Payments in a Mixed Energy Fleet,” begins: 

“Fleet management is undergoing a transformative journey in an era marked by a growing emphasis on sustainability and a rapid shift toward electric vehicles (EVs). 

“Integrating electric vehicles into traditional fleets introduces many opportunities, from reduced environmental impact to lower operating costs. 

“However, with innovation comes complexity, and one key challenge is efficiently managing transaction payments across a diverse fleet. “To navigate this intricate landscape, fleet managers need insights and strategies that address the unique demands of a mixed fleet. 

“Jay Collins, the senior vice president of Energy Transition at WEX, a global commerce platform dedicated to simplifying the complexities of business operations, offers a comprehensive perspective on the best practices and approaches for managing fleet payments in a mixed environment.”

Read the full article from Automotive Fleet.

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