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Talent acquisition in 2022

The changing face of talent acquisition in 2022

August 17, 2022

How well has your organization kept up with the changing face of talent acquisition in 2022? The last couple years have included a global pandemic, the rise of flexible work arrangements, and low unemployment. These and other factors have transformed what employees want from their employers. 

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The fall of traditional recruiting 

With gains across a range of industries, employment is recovering from its losses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported employers added 372,000 new positions in June. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate remained at 3.6 percent for the fourth straight month. Today’s hiring environment remains a job-seekers market. A shift in the talent acquisition world brings trends that are now here to stay. Hiring managers are continuing with remote hiring and hybrid working options. While HR leaders are ensuring their organization has adaptive benefits offerings. 

As the workplace continues to change, so must recruitment. Today’s recruitment competitive advantages consist of stronger connections with talent wants and needs. By staying up-to-date on workplace trends, hiring managers can help their organization attract quality talent and combat the Great Resignation.

Adapting to an employee market

Candidates are taking a more active approach to their careers. It’s not unusual for recruiters to be working with candidates who have multiple offers. It can be difficult for a candidate to turn down an offer depending on what the organization includes. Certain salary levels, benefits, and work environment options can be life changing for a candidate. 

Recruiters should aim to create a consumer-oriented experience. Like consumers, candidates expect to see an organization’s purpose and values consistently reflected at every stage of the talent journey. Take your organization branding to the next step. What is your employee value proposition? Why should talent come to your organization? And why should they stay?

Modernizing talent acquisition

Talent acquisition is more than just about finding your next great candidate. It’s about building, optimizing, and modernizing the hiring process. Simplifying the talent acquisition process can help your organization move towards recruiting more talent that aligns with your organization.

How can hiring managers adjust their process? Consider these big-picture talent acquisition trends:

  • Create a consumer oriented hiring experience that is easy, friendly, and an overall good experience.
  • Simplify the hiring process for both hiring managers and candidates, whether they are internal or external.
  • Develop your organization’s employee value proposition. Do you have creative benefits? Or an inclusive hiring process that attracts diverse talent?
  • Engage all members of your organization to be ambassadors and savvy recruiters.

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