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Inside WEX’s Global Mentor Program

April 3, 2019

Designed to promote the personal and professional success of WEX employees, WEX’s Global Mentor Program (GMP) has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2016. In fact, we now have more than 300 participating employees, with the large majority—211—signing on during the past month.

Precipitating the sudden enrollment increase was our rollout of MentorcliQ in mid-February. The award-winning mentoring software created new visibility for the program and made it more scalable. Because of MentorcliQ, the GMP can now accommodate the participation of all WEXers.

“The goal is to triple the number of participating employees by Q2 of 2020,” says Brittainy Charette, a global talent management specialist at WEX who runs the GMP program. “We’ll do that with a robust communication plan and by providing consistent support to our GMP community.” 

Much of that support is delivered through MentorcliQ. As Brittainy explains, “It helps me as an administrator to assist in the matching process but also makes for a more robust situation for our participants because, as a mentee, you can work toward the goals that you set directly in the MentorcliQ system. This allows for amazing tracking, and gives our participants something solid to show for the development that they’re investing themselves in.”

And as WEX experiences rapid growth, we remain passionate about building relationships across our organization.

Mentor benefits and excellence levels

WEX defines mentoring as a non-reporting relationship between two individuals, based on a mutual desire for the mentee’s development toward specific career goals and objectives. The following are the three development tracks, of which each mentee may choose two to focus on:

  • New to WEX or role: Expand understanding of WEX or role in order to increase productivity.
  • Career exploration: Explore different career options in order to identify career path.
  • Skill development: Improve specific skill(s) in order to progress on identified career path.

Although the mentoring engagement is focused on the mentee’s development, the program is intended to provide mutual learning for both individuals. Below are some benefits highlighted by previous mentors:

  • Progress within current role or to next level in career
  • Leverage skills and expertise within WEX
  • Achieve goals set within Individual Development Plan
  • Cultivate and strengthen relationships across the organization

Mentors can achieve three WEX Mentor Excellence levels:

  • GMP Bronze Mentor: Partnership with two mentees (at least 10 hours with each) and demonstrated ability to help mentees progress toward objectives.
  • GMP Silver Mentor: Completion of Bronze level, additional 10 total hours of mentoring (including all mentees) and participation in at least one GMP workshop/lunch-and-learn session
  • GMP Gold Mentor: Completion of Silver level, additional 10 total hours of mentoring (including all mentees) plus (co-)facilitation of at least one GMP workshop/lunch-and-learn session

Opportunities at WEX

Our GMP is open to all full- or part-time employees. If you’re a WEXer who is not yet enrolled in the GMP, you can get started through the MentorcliQ app in MyApps. Please note that while we’re in special need of mentors right now, we encourage all of our employees to participate.

To learn more about mentoring, we invite all current GMP mentor enrollees to attend our Mentor Best Practices workshop on April 30.

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