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WEX’s first commercial, mixed fleet payments app integrates ICE and EV

January 9, 2024

As commercial fleet customers explore a potential transition to electric vehicles (EVs), WEX is meeting them on their journey and has expanded its DriverDash mobile app to include EV functionality. 

The addition of EV functionality to our DriverDash mobile app exemplifies WEX’s expertise in simplifying and integrating business payments,” said Jay Collins, SVP and GM of EV and Mobility, WEX. “We have heard from our customers that they need an alternative to handling multiple apps, credit lines, invoices, and interfaces in order to charge EVs. This new functionality for mixed fleets signifies a true commercial mixed fleet experience – replacing a card on file with integrated systems and reporting, access to quality chargers, fraud controls, and level three transaction insights. Our hope is WEX’s consolidated solutions for mixed fleets will help fleet managers feel more confident about managing billing, payments, discounts, and reporting as they incorporate EVs into their fleets.”

EV functionality launched on DriverDash mobile app, unified mixed fleet reporting available

DriverDash leverages WEX’s proprietary closed loop payments network to increase the security of each transaction and to transmit charging behavior, driver identification information, vehicle mileage, and other telematic details to the fleet manager.

DriverDash is accepted at ChargePoint branded EV chargers and at ChargePoint’s roaming partner brands: EVConnect, EVGo, FLO, and Shell Recharge.

A leader in fleet

With over 600,000 commercial fleet customers worldwide, including more than 19 million vehicles serviced globally as of Q3 2023, WEX is simplifying and integrating its products and networks to accommodate ICE, EV, and mixed fleets. Today’s announcement empowers fleet managers to more deliberately consider adding one or two EVs to their fleet and feel confident in their ability to manage a mixed fleet. DriverDash is available via Google and Apple app stores.

In addition to DriverDash, charging sessions can be initiated via WEX issued physical radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, which also allow access to WEX’s integrated backend reporting for both fuel types via a single portal.  

For more information about how to activate EV functionality on the DriverDash app and/or to speak to a sales representative about onboarding as a WEX customer to use the app, schedule a call with a WEX EV and mixed fleet expert today.

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