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3 Ways Benefits Plans Can Provide Relief in Uncertain Times
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WEX’s Robert Deshaies: 3 Ways Benefits Plans Can Provide Relief in Uncertain Times

April 21, 2020

In an article for Benefit News, WEX’s Robert Deshaies, President, Health, provides insight into the ways our benefits plans can provide relief to us during this pandemic. There are some complexities to recent legislation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and Deshaies breaks it down for us so we can understand what it all means and how it impacts our benefits.

Deshaies deconstructs recent legislative updates related to COVID-19 and separates the information into three comprehensive categories of how benefit plans can address common questions and issues in the workplace:

  • Offsetting COVID-19 care costs
  • Assisting staff working from home or required to complete essential duties in the workplace
  • Assisting employees unable to work or working fewer hours

Click here to read the complete article.

Click here to go to our benefits resource for industry information on COVID-19.

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