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Corporate accounts payable

Streamline, simplify and drive cost out of Accounts Payable.

Payments Solutions for Corporate Accounts Payable

Make your team more productive by migrating Accounts Payable from a paper-based process to an automated accounts payable system that leverages virtual payments and a variety of commercial cards. WEX helps lower processing costs and control errors with:


Flexible architecture, ability to integrate with existing ERP platforms, and insightful analytics on supplier enablement and payment delivery


Integration of card and non-card payments across card schemes to optimize payments to suppliers

Industry Expertise & Partnership

Supplier enablement expertise that helps drive better adoption of virtual payments with vendors

Why partner with WEX?

Turn time savings into cost savings

Switching to virtual card payments reduces workload and provides the ability to negotiate discounts in exchange for faster payment.

Gain more control over every aspect of purchasing

Streamline the procure-to-pay process, gain better insight into commercial spending and control unauthorized activity with easy-to-use commercial cards.

Find everything you need to improve corporate AP

WEX offers more options to optimize your payments. Select Visa or Mastercard to maximize merchant acceptance, use custom interchange rates to negotiate with suppliers, and deliver a better supplier experience with diverse payment delivery options.

Discover what WEX Payment Solutions for corporate AP can do for your company.

Payment Technologies

Experience the industry’s most trusted and flexible payment platform, supplier enablement, and a cutting-edge payment delivery network:

  • WEX Payment Management System
  • WEX Payment Network
  • WEX Supplier Portal

Payment Services

Get help where it matters most with dedicated attention from a team of payments experts who can handle your biggest challenges:

  • AP/ERP integration
  • Compliance
  • Dispute management
  • Supplier enablement

See how WEX Payment Technologies integrate the capabilities corporate AP departments need most

By combining the right products and services into one powerful payment engine, WEX helps you automate, simplify and secure payments to any supplier.

WEX payment solutions can be tailored for companies in any industry

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Travel
  • And more