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Technology companies

Power your business spend management solution with a dependable, global payments platform.

Payment Solutions for Technology Companies

Lead customers to efficiency with a B2B payments platform that expands payment capabilities, simplifies management, and helps generate unexpected value. WEX helps you do that, and more, with:


Advanced functionality, simple payment APIs, and compliance for all payments


Easy optimization of card and non-card payments and across card schemes to maximize the number of relationships to fulfill a payment

Industry Expertise & Partnership

A depth of payments experience that enables you to easily deliver greater value to your customers

Why partner with WEX?

Enhance purchasing workflows with virtual card payments

Using single-use virtual cards to scale your procure-to-pay solution allows your clients to achieve enhanced security, improved data reconciliation and optimized supplier payments.

In-house technology and issuance capabilities combined

WEX offers the agility and size to launch and scale new offerings quickly and adapt to the ever-changing market needs. Plus the expertise and relationships to explore new opportunities.

Choose a partner as advanced as you

Innovative businesses need forward-looking payment platforms that can quickly and easily adapt to new ideas, capabilities, and code without sacrificing security. The WEX platform does that – and offers ways to build more value for your users.

Discover what WEX Payment Solutions for technology companies can do.

Payment Technologies

Advanced yet intuitive platforms make it easier for technology companies to innovate – and for their customers to find greater value in their transactions:

  • WEX Payment Management System
  • WEX Payment Processor


Get more detail

Payment Services

Challenging the way business gets done is easier when you have a partner who will work with you to build the right solution with:

  • Technical support
  • Data analytics
  • Credit, compliance, and custom ERP integration

See how WEX Payment Technologies integrate the capabilities technology companies need most

By combining the right products and services into one powerful payment engine, WEX helps you deliver valuable, new payment functionality to customers.

We integrate with any technology company

  • Invoice Management
  • Expense Management
  • Payments Solutions
  • Bill Pay Aggregators