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Which Fuel Card is Best for my Business?

This fleet fuel card comparison chart will help you decide which fleet card is right for you. The WEX Fleet Card helps drive savings for any business, offering greater control and insight into your fuel spending. The WEX FlexCard is best for smaller companies with ebbs and flows in your cash flow.

WEX fuel card

Fleet Card

The WEX Fleet Card is the best way for any business to drive real savings. This fuel card offers universal acceptance, automatic accounting, detailed reports, spending controls, and more.

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WEX fuel card


The WEX FlexCard is the easiest way for a growing business to start saving, with rebates and the flexibility to carry a balance when cash flow is tight. Plus, there are no setup, annual, or card fees.

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The Basics
Earn up to 3¢ per gallon in rebates* checkmark
Carry a monthly balance checkmark
Pay balance each month checkmark
No setup, annual, or card fees checkmark
Accepted at 95% of U.S. gas stations checkmark checkmark
U.S.-based customer service, 24/7 checkmark checkmark
Transaction data captured for every purchase checkmark checkmark
Monitor employee spending in real time or detailed reports checkmark checkmark
Always know who spends what, where, and when checkmark checkmark
Security and Control
Driver ID numbers entered at the pump to curb misuse checkmark checkmark
Set spending controls by card or driver checkmark checkmark
Restrict fueling to certain times or days checkmark checkmark
Limit spending by product type, location, or dollar amount checkmark checkmark
Account Management and Accounting
24/7 online and mobile account management and bill payment checkmark checkmark
Automatic, paperless fuel accounting and expense tracking checkmark checkmark
No more chasing paper fuel receipts checkmark checkmark
Create custom reports checkmark checkmark
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*Promotional offer includes the greater of 3¢ rebate per gallon fueled for one year or 6,000 gallons per account. Credits for fuel rebates earned will be applied monthly in arrears following your account activation date. Accounts must be paid on time each month or no rebate will be applied. Additional terms and fees may apply.