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The EFS Mastercard® Fleet Card offers a dual network solution that includes EFS’ superior controls for fuel purchasing, combined with Mastercard’s wide acceptance network for non-fuel purchases such as T&E expenses, emergency repairs, and more.

  • Universal Acceptance
  • Cash price for fuel in the EFS truck stop merchant network
  • Superior purchasing controls
  • MCC/TCC Categories/Velocity Limits in Mastercard network
  • Integrate with current systems
  • Level III data


Universal Acceptance

Your EFS Mastercard Fleet Card gives you access to a huge network of fuel and maintenance sites. Your card is accepted in the EFS truck stop network, plus anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

  • 16,000+ EFS truck stop locations
  • 10.3 million+ Mastercard locations
  • 575,000 Mastercard Fuel/Maintenance locations

Single Card Solution

The EFS Mastercard Fleet Card is your single-card solution for managing and controlling fuel purchases, plus allowing your drivers and contractors to make additional purchases within the Mastercard Network—all on a single card.