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Payment Products

WEX simplifies and streamlines payments so you can build value with every transaction.

WEX Liquid™ Payment Solutions

Put the power of electronic payments to work for you

Travel companies, financial institutions, technology companies, and corporations need to cut costs, increase visibility into payments and find new sources of revenue. The WEX Liquid digital payments platform does that – and more – with payment solutions that are engineered to work independently or in powerful combination.

WEX Liquid™ Payment Management System

Simplify payment management – both card and non-card – with the industry’s most advanced, automated payments platform.

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WEX Liquid™ Payment Processor

Accelerate implementation timeframes and access to transaction data for increased visibility into authorization activity as it happens.

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Supplier Services

Start benefiting from virtual payments without the work of convincing suppliers to accept them. WEX has a long record of engaging suppliers and bringing them on board.

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WEX Liquid™ Payment Network

Increase the number of suppliers you can pay electronically and streamline accounts payable with the vast network of companies already being paid through WEX.

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WEX Liquid™ Payment Gateway

Leverage the same technology that secures and streamlines B2C e-commerce to automate large, recurring B2B payments via push payments.

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See how WEX Liquid™, our advanced payments ecosystem, delivers the capabilities your company needs most

Payment products

Whether you need a single, best-in-class solution or an entire payment suite, WEX does it better, faster and safer than you ever thought possible.

Our payments ecosystem creates value in meaningful ways

If you make payments in the course of conducting business, you need to discover how WEX makes them faster, safer and easier.

Corporate AP

  • Reduce payments and fraud management effort
  • Make AP reconciliation faster and easier

Financial Institutions

  • Find more revenue potential in your payment offerings
  • Build stronger relationships with your corporate clients

Technology Companies

  • Simplify payments and reconciliation for your customers
  • Go where business takes you with payments in 200+ countries and 20+ currencies

Travel Companies

  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency no matter how busy the travel season gets
  • Control supplier overcharges and minimize manual oversight of payments