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Payment delivery

Optimize your B2B or C2B bill pay program capabilities with smart routing technology.

Supplier payment delivery

Offer your customers an exceptional bill pay experience using WEX’s smart routing technology. Our proprietary platform dynamically routes electronic payments based on bank processing speeds, payment type, geography, and currency to provide the fastest clearing possible.

Eliminate manual entry

Automated processing removes payment bottlenecks that can add hours – or days – to the transaction, reducing errors and overhead.

Ensure quick payment

Same day payments allow your customers the convenience of making last-minute payments, avoiding late fees or service interruptions.

Increase security

Give customers peace of mind that their credit card, checking account and other personal details are protected when they pay with your online bill pay service.

Delivery solutions for financial institutions

Power your existing bill pay portal with a behind-the-scenes delivery solution that maximizes security, accuracy and revenue.

Delivery solutions for technology companies

Incorporate a robust, agile bill pay solution in your stack that simplifies and optimizes electronic payments for clients, while keeping their customers’ data secure.

See how smart routing drives acceptance and strengthens supplier relationships

Our payments delivery solution offers choice in delivery options, allowing payers to negotiate terms, take advantage of faster payment incentives, and achieve the benefits of electronic payments.

WEX payment management system

Find a new way to automate payments that reduces manual labor, reimbursement, and reconciliation time, as well as the risk of fraud.

WEX supplier portal

Our innovative remittance delivery channel streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application.

Competitive advantage comes from the right routing & delivery

How payments move around the globe can make a difference in how quickly they settle – with downstream impact on everything from forecasting to cash flow.

Financial institutions

  • Become invaluable by eliminating the cost and burden of checks
  • Optimize your bill-pay offerings

Technology companies

  • Minimize your error rate to promote confidence in customers
  • Identify possible bottlenecks and ways to improve operations