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Payment processor

Empower seamless, secure processing of B2B payments.

WEX payment processor

Our cloud-native global payment processing capability accelerates implementation timeframes and access to transaction data, giving you more visibility into authorization activity as it happens.


With industry-leading uptime and seamless integration with major financial networks around the world, you can be assured your payments will be securely processed as expected, every time.

Faster implementation

Using our own processor gives us the control to expedite new customer set-ups and scale existing customers more easily.


As a cloud-based technology, our processor is flexible, scalable and delivers the enterprise-class performance needed to grow your business now and in the future.

See how WEX payment processor works

With WEX payment processor handling your payments, you can count on fast, efficient, secure processing for every transaction.

WEX payment management system

Find a new way to manage accounts payable that reduces manual labor, reimbursement and reconciliation time, as well as the risk of fraud.

The right payment processing makes all the difference

If you make payments in the course of conducting business, you need to discover how WEX makes virtual card processing faster, safer and easier.


Technology companies

  • Get rock-solid payment processing with industry-leading uptime
  • Go where business takes you with payments in 200+ countries and 20+ currencies


Travel companies

  • Take advantage of real-time, in-house processing
  • Add card BINs in hours, not weeks, to scale quickly