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Payment management

WEX takes payments complexity out of the way, so as your business grows your vendor payment management capabilities can too.

WEX payment management system

WEX takes a different approach to payment solutions by integrating virtual cards and commercial cards in one secure engine that optimizes control and efficiency.

WEX virtual payments manager

Reduce fraud, overpayment, and unauthorized use with a virtual credit card platform that only allows payment for a single transaction with a specific supplier for an agreed-upon amount. Then, multiply the benefits with the ability to:

  • Earn incremental revenue with every virtual payment
  • Add customizable controls to avoid fraudulent use
  • Negotiate supplier discounts in exchange for real-time payments
  • Enable compliance with configurable business rules and workflows

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WEX commercial card manager

Take control of spending and gain insight into overall spending patterns with WEX commercial cards. No matter how specific your needs, WEX can meet that challenge.

  • Control travel spending
  • Simplify purchasing
  • Be ready for almost any business expense

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WEX accounts payable manager

Streamline and automate both payments and reconciliation to give your team time for more strategic tasks. Start with just a payment file or API connection and optimize supplier payments.

  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Negotiate better payment terms
  • Increase planning accuracy

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Access greater control with WEX's payment management system

Unlock the robust management, reconciliation and reporting built into the WEX Payment Management System to simplify and streamline your payment process, saving you time and money.

Our payment solution creates opportunities

Cut costs, create incremental revenue and empower your people to discover new ways of adding value. Yes, WEX Payment Management can do all that.

Corporate AP

  • Generate new revenue and improve supplier relationships
  • Gain greater visibility into your payment trends

Financial institutions

  • Find more revenue potential in your payments offerings
  • Build stronger relationships with your corporate clients

Technology companies

  • Simplify payments and reconciliation for your customers
  • Go where business takes you with payments in 200+ countries and 20+ currencies

Travel companies

  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency no matter how busy the travel season gets
  • Control supplier overcharges and minimize manual oversight of payments