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Accounts payable

Manage your supplier payments with one intuitive platform.

WEX accounts payable manager

Embrace the power to maximize the benefits of electronic payments on one streamlined platform that saves time and money – helping you create value from every payment.

Save time and money

AP automation enables you to significantly reduce the time and cost of payments and reconciliation and maximize the advantage of early pay discounts.

Pay digitally from day one

Because the WEX payment platform is web-based, there’s no software to migrate to, and minimal implementation. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy.

Increase payment satisfaction

Electronic payments are safer than checks. They’re faster, too.

Corporate AP automation

Switching from manually intensive operations such as check writing to automated AP can save companies around $20 per payment in overhead costs1. It can also free up staff for more strategic work that can build your bottom line.

1 CFODive, Manual AP systems cost companies up to $20 per invoice to process, 2019

Payment solutions for technology companies

Companies that rely on swift, frictionless transactions will find WEX Accounts Payable Manager makes it easier to attract and retain customers with ultimate payment flexibility and security.

Simplify your supplier payments with one streamlined solution

Simplifying the payment process makes it easier for you to manage accounts payable with less effort and expense. This is how it works.

WEX payment management system

Find a new way to automate accounts payable that reduces manual labor, reimbursement and reconciliation time, as well as the risk of fraud.

WEX supplier portal

Our innovative remittance delivery channel streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application.

WEX payment network

Increase the number of suppliers you can pay electronically and streamline accounts payable with the vast network of companies already being paid through WEX.

WEX payment gateway

Leverage the same technology that secures and streamlines B2C e-commerce to automate large, recurring B2B payments via straight through processing.

See how WEX accounts payable manager makes the most of every payment opportunity

Easily pay suppliers when and how they choose, streamlining the payments process for companies in these industries:

Corporate AP

  • Manage one-time and recurring supplier payments
  • Make AP reconciliation faster and easier

Financial institutions

  • Find more revenue potential in your payment offerings
  • Build stronger relationships with your corporate clients

Technology companies

  • Simplify payments and reconciliation for your customers
  • Go where business takes you with payments in 200+ countries and 20+ currencies

Travel companies

  • Control chargebacks by only completing transactions for the agreed-upon amount
  • Send payments in local currencies and save 3% by avoiding foreign exchange fees