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Virtual cards

Simplify your supplier payment process by going virtual.

WEX virtual payments manager

Whether you’re making a one-time payment or a recurring series, you can use virtual cards to simplify and increase the security of every transaction. That’s because each payment can only be used for a specific purchase with a specific supplier. And it all happens automatically.

Flexible payments

Easily issue one-time or recurring payments through WEX’s secure web portal – or use APIs to integrate your existing system with ours and do it automatically.

Real-time reporting

Our online analytics make it easy to track any payment – and the details that go with it – to improve purchase management.

Integrate efficiently

Our virtual card platform easily integrates with ERP and General Ledger software to reduce effort and errors.

Virtual cards for travel companies

Reduce costs and increase efficiency when paying suppliers around the world, no matter
how busy the travel season gets.

Virtual cards for corporate AP

Companies can save time and money by shifting payments from ACH or checks to virtual card payments that take less time and effort to program and reconcile.

See how WEX's virtual payments manager simplifies payments

Processing billions of dollars in transactions each year, WEX has the proven capabilities to migrate you to virtual payments that save time and money, while reducing your payment risk.

WEX payment management system

Find a new way to automate Accounts Payable by reducing manual labor, reimbursement and reconciliation, as well as the risk of fraud.

WEX payment processor

Our innovative, cloud-based processor is a faster, more reliable way to authorize and clear card transactions.

WEX payment network

Simplify transactions with a vast – and growing – network of suppliers already enrolled to be paid in their preferred method through WEX.

WEX supplier portal

Our advanced remittance delivery channel streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application.

Virtual payments have benefits from speed to simplicity to security

Thanks to their ease of delivery and ability to thwart fraudulent transactions, virtual cards are the right choice for businesses in a variety of industries:

Corporate AP

  • Manage one-time and recurring supplier payments
  • Make AP reconciliation faster and easier

Financial institutions

  • Find more revenue potential in your payments offerings
  • Build stronger relationships with corporate clients

Technology companies

  • Simplify payments and reconciliation for your customers
  • Go where business takes you with payments in 200+ countries and 20+ currencies

Travel companies

  • Control chargebacks by completing transactions for the agreed-upon amount
  • Send payments in local currencies and save 3% by avoiding foreign exchange fees