Thought Leadership: 4 Global Payments Trends and What It All Means

Payments Pulse over buildings

Earlier this summer, WEX shared the results of our second annual Payments Pulse survey, completed by nearly one thousand CFOs and senior financial executives from around the world. From the findings, we plucked a number of insights that we share within the report about what’s trending globally in payments. It’s not often that you get… Read more »

Road Trip! All the Places Our WEX Sabbaticals Took Us

"Sabbatical Stories: Journeys Revisited" across a hand holding a compass

Should you need some summer vacation destination inspiration, look no further than the travel diaries (aka “sabbatical stories”) of the WEXers who participated in our inaugural Expedition sabbatical program. Though employees can choose to spend their four-week sabbatical any way they’d like, the large majority of Expedition participants hopped on a plane to dream destinations scattered… Read more »

Sabbatical Stories: Florida, Hawaii and Home Again

"Sabbatical Stories: Trading Snow for Sunshine" across a person holding a compass.

The word “sabbatical” has its origins in “sabbath,” a day of abstinence from work. Its official definition: “a break or change from a normal routine; a time of rest.” In the case of Senior Systems Engineer Julie London, a WEX employee for 19 years, she broke from her normal routine by hopping a plane to… Read more »

Meet a (Returning) WEXer: Four of Our Favorite Interns Are Back!

"Meet a Returning Intern" written next to a backpack and pair of shoes.

Four of our superstar interns this summer also participated in our inaugural intern program last year. What brought Adrian, Brent, John and Simone to WEX again? And now that we’re halfway through summer, how do they feel about the decision to boomerang back? We’ll let them tell you for themselves. What brought you back to… Read more »

Sabbatical Stories: A Bucket List Journey

When deciding what to do with her sabbatical last fall, Peggy Watson mulled over several options from her bucket list. Our vice president of product and marketing for global fleet, a 20-year veteran of WEX, says, “I was looking to get exposure to new things and to indulge my creative side and some interests that… Read more »

Meet a WEXer: Bonnie MacArthur

The growth and transformation of WEX Europe has been a common thread in Bonnie MacArthur’s story since she joined us as a customer service manager in January, 2015. She now holds the position of manager of European client operations – and the differences in those titles are more than just semantics. “WEX Europe was considered… Read more »

Sabbatical Stories: South American Exploration

Justine Libby’s first thought when hearing WEX CEO Melissa Smith announce the pilot launch of our Expedition sabbatical program was, “I must do that!” She remembers her reaction was pretty visceral to the opportunity to do something completely different and says “it was absolutely important to me.” A WEXer for 22 years, Justine says the… Read more »

Meet a WEXer: Sharon Walters

In just over a year at WEX Europe, Sharon Walters has built a customer onboarding process from the ground up for our growing European virtual payments business. When she joined us, that process and her role as customer onboarding manager didn’t exist anywhere in the company. Creating a blueprint and getting it up and running… Read more »