Data Breaches at Major Hotel Chains Hit the Travel Industry

Global Cyber Security

Hardly a week goes by without a major company announcing that their customers have been impacted by a credit card breach. The travel industry is far from immune; in 2016, a number of wide-spread data breaches affected the hotel industry, resulting in thousands of customers having their credit card information stolen. As a travel company,… Read more »

3 Duty of Care Best Practices for Today’s Corporate Travel Managers

travel duty of care

In light of recent terror attacks and natural disasters around the world, traveling can be worrisome for even the most seasoned business traveler. Travel has always carried inherent risk; however, as employees are “far and away” on company business, employers simply have less control over their workers’ health and safety when they’re outside of the… Read more »

Cloud Computing Takes Travel Companies to New Heights

Cloud Computing for Travel

It’s 2016. By now, most business professionals have heard about “cloud computing,” even if their company hasn’t adopted a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to support their business practices. But chances are, their company has transitioned at least one business process—reservations management, payments or customer service—to a hosted, cloud-based model. From the Bottom-Line Up How companies… Read more »

Big Data Becomes Real for Online Travel Agents

OTA Big Data

Big Data has been a hot topic for a while. Amadeus did a study three years ago when early adopters were working on it. Now they’ve come out with an updated study which finds that the key to success with big data is experimentation, but it’s no longer for early adopters and it’s no longer… Read more »

Build a Checkout Process that Keeps Customers

Building a Checkout Process

A study from Expedia Media Solutions found that travelers visit nearly 40 sites before booking their trip. How do you make sure your site is the one where they make the booking? One way is to build a checkout process that convinces customers booking with your site is safe, easy and will protect their information…. Read more »

Making Cyber Security a Priority for All Customers

Cyber Security

Traveling with technology: is there a generational rift? While most everyone hits the open road with their smartphones nowadays, not everyone is diligent as the next about the safety of their device and the personal information stored inside of it. And it appears that most of the popular travel apps on the market aren’t as… Read more »

Welcome to WEX Travel Payments Insights!

WEX Travel Payment Insights

Travel payments is a broad, global, and dynamic subject that deserves attention. As a worldwide leader in travel payments, WEX has many subject matter experts that will contribute to our mission of providing customers, partners, and employees with ongoing information, education, resources, and corporate news. Be sure to check back often, or register to have new… Read more »