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WEX Vets mission

WEXVets is an organization dedicated to uniting and empowering the WEX veteran community, to include veterans, active duty members and their families, and friends and supporters of the veterans and the military. We invite and encourage membership from the global WEX community.

We strive to host and sponsor activities that support this global community while sharing our stories and experiences with our fellow WEXers. We aim to celebrate the rich history and heritage of the collected experiences of this group. Additionally, WEXVets aims to assist with WEX’s talent recruitment strategy and commitment to diversity across the company as community brand ambassadors.

Veterans: Match your skills to roles at WEX

WEX loves hiring veterans. Now, U.S. veterans and military service members can easily translate and match their service experience to open positions here at WEX.

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Recent events

Murph Challenge

WEXers from across the globe participated in a fitness challenge hosted by WEX Vets to honor a veteran of the US military

Additional programs and initiatives

  • Intersectionality events with Parents@WEX “Open Forum – World Affairs & Conflict: Having Difficult Conversations with Your Children”
  • Annual Veterans Day events