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Asian Alliance

The Asian Alliance invites the Asian-Pacific community and its broad group of allies to learn from one another’s unique experiences, engage in cross-cultural understanding, and share in making a positive difference at WEX.

Asian Alliance mission

The Asian Alliance values innovation, talent, and cultural diversity. It promotes and celebrates the rich cultures and contributions of the Asian-Pacific community at WEX, creating an inclusive space for the multitude of different identities that comprise the global Asian population. The Asian Alliance is committed to building platforms for authentic conversations, fostering a collective sense of belonging, and supporting WEX efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Its vision is to create a positive influence in the WEX community, bringing value to both its members and WEX through activities that support social and professional growth.

“My motivation to lead the Asian Alliance stems from my own experiences as an Asian American. I am passionate about giving back to my community in meaningful ways, and the Asian Alliance provides that opportunity through all of its initiatives and programming. Our ERG seeks to foster confidence in and ownership of the Asian-Pacific identity, connecting our myriad cultures and experiences to that of the wider WEX community.”

Pallavi Nandula
Asian Alliance Chair; WEX director of QA, product, & solutions delivery

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