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WEX Pride

WEX Pride provides an open and safe network of peers for the LGBTQIA+ community at WEX, while supporting all employees in fostering an environment where diversity and inclusion thrive.

WEX Pride mission

WEX Pride’s mission is to represent all members of the LGBTQIA+ community at WEX by providing an open and safe network of peers. We do this while supporting all leaders and employees to foster an environment that represents the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“ WEX Pride has provided not only a place to not feel like the minority, but it also provides a place to talk about and reflect on the issues that directly affect my community. It's important to have a space to talk about what is going on in our lives without having to explain first the context that led us to those experiences. Instead we can simply be the people we are and work together to build a better community, a better business, and a better WEX.”

Chris Lewis
WEX Pride Chair, WEX Partner Development Content Manager

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