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WEXccessibility gives employees with disabilities, and anyone who supports their colleagues with disabilities, a sense of community and commonality as they partake in education, advocacy, and awareness-building.

WEXcessibility mission

WEXcessibility’s mission is to represent any and all WEX employees impacted by disabilities by promoting awareness, advocating for accessibility, and building a safe community, while supporting leaders and colleagues in fostering an environment that represents the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“Knowing that I have a community of like-minded individuals, many of whom are experiencing the same things I am in their day-to-day lives, has provided a sense of connection that I've never experienced before in my working life. I'm extremely grateful to work for a company that sees the importance of these ERGs, and takes active steps to support their continued success.”

Nathan Coverstone
WEXcessibility Chair, WEX Manager, Custom Marketing

Recent events

  • Annual speaker series to drive awareness and education about disabilities in the workplace
  • Internal virtual discussion space to foster dialogue and community
  • Strong collaboration with Human Resources and Facilities to ensure support for all

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