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Grasp Technologies

WEX and Grasp Technologies have partnered to create GraspPAY—an integrated payment solution that delivers virtual cards to global distribution systems and online booking platforms. GraspPAY leverages technologies and expertise from both organizations to produce an easy but robust virtual payment solution for the travel industry.

Some of GraspPAY’s features include:

  • Issuance of cards at the profile level (ability to capture profile data such as employee numbers)
  • Ability to capture booking and 99 UDID elements (elements include project numbers, cost centers, etc.)
  • Compatibility with instant purchase bookings like NDC and LCC
  • Ease of use without requiring TMCs to change processes (e.g. mid-office or train agents); ability to place virtual cards into profile card fields
  • Functionality to automatically send data downstream to selected hotels such as Marriott 
  • Compatibility with guest travel bookings (e.g. students, sub-contractors, etc.)  

Grasp Technologies is the leading provider of data management, visualization, and payment solutions in the T&E industry. Initially founded to address the critical need for customized reporting and data management in the travel industry, their goal is to help customers succeed by transforming data into useful intelligence. Grasp services over 100,000 organizations in over 100 countries.

WEX is the virtual card issuer for GraspPAY. A leading provider of corporate payment solutions, WEX issues billions of dollars in annual payments worldwide. WEX customizes solutions for streamlining the payment process through virtual card technology.

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