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Corporate payments partners

WEX builds strong business partnerships to help corporations streamline their payments processes.

From simplifying receivables with our corporate payment solutions to outsourcing the entire WEX AP platform and integrating your own technology, we want to partner with you to help grow your business.

AP integration partners

WEX is constantly innovating and looking for opportunities to enhance our solutions and services for customers. We’ve partnered with businesses like UATP and Grasp Technology to develop innovative payment solutions for travel and other industries.

F&I Administration

F&I Administration solution, SCS Auto, supports all F&I products from VSC, GAP, appearance protection, and maintenance to limited warranties, theft, and more.

Grasp Technologies

WEX and Grasp Technologies have partnered to create GraspPAY—an integrated payment solution that delivers virtual cards to global distribution systems and online booking platforms. 

IBS Software

Hospitality Business by IBS Software powers the largest real-time leisure network of hotels and travel retailers, from large OTAs to regional tour operators.

PCMI Corporation

PCMI Corporation is the leading provider of integrated software solutions for Extended Warranty Management and F&I Administration, partnering with WEX to bring virtual claim payments to PCRS administration systems.

SAP Concur

Even if they’re emailed to you, invoices can get lost in your inbox for weeks—remember, electronic doesn’t mean automatic. What you need is a system that automates and streamlines the accounts payable (AP) process from start to finish.

Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP)

WEX and UATP have partnered to create PAXVIA—the all-in-one solution for airline, hotel, and car rental payments. With PAXVIA, UATP corporate cardholders can purchase airline, hotel, and car rentals with their UATP card.

AP outsourcing partners

WEX partners with AP platforms to enable full automation of the accounts payable process. WEX Integrated Payables easily connects with any ERP or financial system, automating the payment, remittance delivery, and reconciliation process across all payment types.

Learn how WEX might work with your business