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How do you save with an HSA?

There are three tax advantages you can take advantage of when you participate in an HSA.

  • Contributions are tax-free (if made by payroll deduction).
  • Withdrawals for eligible expenses are tax-free.
  • Earnings through investment or interest accumulate tax-free.

What can you spend HSA funds on?

You can save on a variety of expenses by using HSA funds on co-pays, flu shots, and eligible over-the-counter purchases. Check out our interactive eligible expense list to see what’s eligible for your HSA.

Did you know you can save HSA funds for retirement too?

All HSA funds carry over from year to year, and funds can be invested once you meet your HSA’s investment threshold. That makes HSAs another tool to help you save for retirement.

How much can you save? Our HSA calculator will show you.

Use this calculator to help you determine how much your health savings account (HSA) will be worth over time and how much money you could save.