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FSA calculator

You can save money by participating in a flexible spending account (FSA).

The four FSA types

  • A medical FSA, which covers eligible medical, dental, vision, and preventative care expenses.
  • A limited medical FSA, which covers eligible dental, vision, and preventative care expenses.
  • A combination FSA (often called a post-deductible FSA), which is a limited FSA that converts into a medical FSA once the IRS deductible is met.
  • A dependent care FSA, which covers eligible daycare (up to age 13) and dependent care expenses if certain conditions are met.

How do you save with an FSA?

Your funds are contributed to an FSA before they are taxed.

What can you spend your FSA funds on?

Depends on the type of FSA. Check out our interactive eligible expense list to see what’s eligible.

Calculate your FSA savings

Use our FSA calculator to see how FSAs can help you pay less tax and increase your take-home pay.

Please note: Withholding schedules, rules and rates are from “IRS Publication 15” and “IRS Publication 15T”. This calculator uses the redesigned W-4 created to comply with the elimination of exemptions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

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