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Mobile Apps Change the Fleet Management Landscape

Posted July 18, 2017


Managing A Fleet Of Trucks

Do you remember how difficult fleet management used to be? The introduction of the wheel completely transformed the fleet management landscape. No longer did it require 100 men to drag a load. With four wheels one man could pull an entire load by himself.

Arguably, the next great transformation in fleet management came in the late 1800s when Alexander Winton created the idea of a semi-trailer. It did not have 18 wheels, but it did change the landscape of fleet management forever...until the technological revolution of the 21st century, that is.

It Is All About the Apps

It does not matter what you need, as the saying goes, "There's an app for that." While the genesis of apps seemed to revolve around meaningless games, apps have become the way you run your life and your business more efficiently. At this point, there is no alternative nor end in sight to the "application of apps." With more technology built into your smartphones than NASA used to land Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969, it is unlikely that anyone has seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the practicality of mobile apps.

Wherever there exists a need for greater efficiency, accuracy, and real-time transactions from wherever a person is at the time, you can expect that need to drive the creation of useful apps. You also can expect apps to change the fleet management landscape in ways that are beyond comparison with the semi and, yes, even the wheel.

EFS Apps Change the Fleet Management Landscape

Fleet Management App

Are you a driver? There's an EFS app for you!

The EFS CardControl app released on March 15, 2017, is available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. "With EFS CardControl, drivers can get real-time card balances and recent transaction details, register checks, manage their EFS SmartFunds, transfer funds to external bank accounts, find fuel prices and locations based on the location of their mobile device, and find fuel prices and locations by route."

Are you a fleet manager? There's an EFS app for you!

Now available for download at the Apple App Store or at Google Play, EFS CarrierControl "is a convenient and simple-to-use app that accommodates emergency needs or simple payments for roadside services, repairs, lumper fees, or purchases made at one of the few out-of-network fuel centers."

"With EFS CarrierControl, you can issue MoneyCodes, expedite payments, give drivers access to cash when they need it, reduce paperwork and administration, get immediate access to cashing information, integrate with your back office, and interface with your dispatch software."



Learn about EFS CardControl in 30 seconds.

Control Your Funds. Control the Road.

There is a paradox with technological innovation and control. Most people like to pontificate about the technology. This is, after all, the age of rapidly developing technology. However, innovation can create greater efficiencies, and it does. Efficiency is, nevertheless, always gained and driven by control.

Unfortunately, "disruption" has become a buzzword for the current decade when referring to technological and other advances.

Innovating better experiences and increased efficiencies is not disruption. It is "improvement." This is particularly true with the development of apps for drivers and fleet managers, as those apps are available and at hand 24 hours a day to help you build a better fleet operation.

Who benefits from mobile apps? You do. Your business does. The economy does. The ecosystem does. The EFS apps represent a change in the fleet management landscape that you will not want to ignore.

Contact a sales representative and to learn how you can equip your fleet with the latest and greatest in mobile fleet management technology.


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