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These Front Lines are Constantly Moving

Posted May 19, 2020


While most of us are self-quarantined and watching health care workers on the front lines on the evening news, professional drivers across the continent are putting themselves at risk to make sure important products arrive safely to where and when they are needed most.

The world is changing, our supply chain is changing with it. Whether it’s new safety procedures or simply showing appreciation for all you do, here are some of the most recent examples of how the trucking industry and those affected by it are changing with the times:

We’re Thanking Our Truckers

First and foremost, businesses across North America are giving back to truckers to show their appreciation. Whether it’s discounted meals or places to rest, we’ll include some references here to help out those of you out on the road.

Check out #thankatrucker on Twitter for the latest on how people and businesses are showing appreciation to the trucking industry.

Keeping Our Truckers Fed

It’s been increasingly difficult for truckers to be able to find hot meals on the road. It’s one of the things the rest of us take for granted. To ease this situation, restaurants and businesses across the country are offering discounted food to truckers and first responders. Here's a comprehensive list of participating businesses.

There’s some good news on the food-truck front. It’s not always easy to navigate through a restaurants parking lot, so this should make a lot of truckers happy.

In early April, the DOT’s Federal Highway Administration took action aimed at helping truckers find meals along their routes. The agency notified state transportation departments that commercial activity in interstate highway rest areas would be temporarily suspended.

“The nation is experiencing extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances due to the current COVID-19 national public health emergency, in which states have been forced to close restaurants and other available food service accommodations, including in Interstate highway rest areas,” the notice said.

“FHWA recognizes that in those states food trucks may provide vital sustenance for interstate commercial truck drivers and others who are critical to the nation’s continued ability to deliver needed food and relief supplies to the communities impacted by the economic disruptions and healthcare strains caused by COVID-19.”

Keep Our Truckers Rested

Finding a safe and affordable place to rest has been another increasing issue for professional drivers. Some hotels across the U.S. are offering truck drivers and other essential workers discounted rates. You can find a listing of discounts by state here.

This Virus Fights Dirty, So We Need to Keep Clean

We all need to be extra cautious these days. Here are some tips for staying safe out there. First of all, everything starts with your hands. You’ve heard it plenty of times by now, but it’s worth repeating—warm soapy water on your hands for at least 20 seconds helps to break down the virus.

Next, you need to keep the cab of your truck clean. Keeping in mind not to damage any surfaces inside of the cab, warm soapy water will work almost as well as 70% alcohol cleaner will. Here are some more tips for sanitizing your truck cab.



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