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Posted October 15, 2015

fleet efficiency


Efficient, adaptable and effective – these are three characteristics that define successful businesses. As a fleet manager, your own operations could see a boost if you focus on bringing these traits into the forefront.

Why is this the case? For starters, a more efficient company will be able to streamline expenses and find new ways to save money. This will tie directly into effectiveness, as you can better serve your customers. And being adaptable will allow you to prepare for any fluctuations in the industry and stay ahead of your competitors.

So, in order to be more efficient, adaptable and effective, here are three simple steps:

1. Keep your staff in the loop
According to Cisco, you’ll have an easier time with efficiency if your team is kept in the loop at all times. Making changes and growing as a company is harder if it takes too long to share information. Build a network that is stable and secure so your employees have access to all the resources they need throughout the day.

2. Improve collaboration at your company
While drivers are often on the road alone during the day, the life of a fleet isn’t solitary. Instead, make sure your staff are working together. Cisco explained that it is up to you to make that easy, either with new technology, scheduling, training and other steps. No matter what, ensure that everybody understands the importance of a “team.”

3. Don’t shy away from change
Change is common in the business world, but it can be intimidating. According to the publication Louisville Business First, don’t be afraid of change. Instead, embrace it and encourage innovation and creativity. This will help your fleet improve efficiency, adaptability and effectiveness.