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Four Ways to Celebrate Road Safety Week 2019

Posted November 13, 2019


From November 18-24, countries worldwide will celebrate Road Safety Week. Though the initiative was started by U.K. charity Brake, road safety is truly a global concern. Every 24 seconds, someone dies on the road, which means fleet managers and their drivers need to remain alert and aware to keep employees and pedestrians safe. Keep reading for four ways to celebrate Road Safety Week with your fleet. 


1. Set up a Safety Week

Your community may or may not be observing Road Safety Week. If there is not already a week organized in your region, take charge to create it! This map shows current Road Safety Week initiatives around the world. If there isn’t one locally, take the initiative to start your own in your community using the website to get your community and your drivers involved.   


2. Engage Your Employees 

One easy way to get your employees on board with Road Safety week is to choose a theme. Allow your team to have a voice in choosing a theme that matters to them. Focus on a road safety issue that is important to your drivers and your community. Improved training, speeding, or distracted driving are all potential safety themes, but allow your drivers to pitch their own. The more agency they have, the more likely they will want to participate in the planned activities. Make sure to share safety resources with your drivers to keep them engaged.  


3. Involve Your Community

Road safety goes beyond you and your fleet. Your entire community is affected by road safety. Globally, over 1.2 million people are killed in road accidents yearly. See if your fleet can partner with other fleets or community organizations to promote Road Safety Week in your community and reduce accidents and fatalities. Organize webinars or live talks, promote your week via your website or social media accounts, and invite the local media to cover your activities. 


4. Sign the Pledge

Encourage your drivers to sign the Brake Pledge to save lives and the planet. Signers pledge to drive: 

  • Sustainably 
  • Slow 
  • Sober 
  • Secure 
  • Silent and 
  • Sharp 

Learn more about the pledge and sign here.

Road Safety Week may not have gained as much popularity in the U.S as it has in the U.K, but fleet managers can change that. By encouraging your drivers and your community to commit to safety, you can reduce accidents and make roads safer for all.  


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