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Posted July 13, 2015

fleet management


Your current day as a fleet manager may be hectic and overwhelming. You have numerous drivers, employees and clients to balance. While you get the job done, there is certainly room for improved productivity and efficiency, helping you save money and time.

If you are interested in streamlining your work day, give time management some consideration. There are only a set number of hours each business day, but nothing is stopping you from using each one to the fullest. Thankfully, there are several effective ways that you can start doing that today.

Below are four time management tips that every fleet manager must know:

1. Set clear goals
While a to-do list is helpful, the goals on the document can get a little vague sometimes. According to Money Crashers, your time management will improve if you make sure each of your goals is as clear and defined as possible. For example, write out specific details for each one – that includes the steps needed to get the job done, when you need to start the project and who must be involved. That way, you can remain focused and motivated.

2. Clean up the office
Nothing is a bigger drain on your time than looking for a missing piece of paper or other important item in the office. Money Crashers recommended that you first clean up the space to improve time management. Clutter and chaos only get in the way, and in many cases that will lead to you working late or being stressed. More organization will only benefit your fleet and your employees.

3. Enjoy your time off
We’ve all started the work day tired, stressed and irritable. A lot of times, this is the case because we aren’t well rested or we had a bad morning. According to Business 2 Community, you must get enough sleep and take time off, both as breaks during the day and throughout the year. If you are tired and cranky, your work will suffer. So, enjoy your time away. Get the rest you deserve and come back to the office refreshed and energized. That will help your time management and make you a better leader.

4. Stay focused at work
Business 2 Community explained that losing focus at work is an easy way to lose efficiency and productivity. Instead, try to avoid distractions. When you pick a task to accomplish, dedicate all your efforts to it until it is complete. Don’t talk to other people unless necessary, avoid checking your email or taking phone calls. Then, you can improve your time management and move on to other important duties in the workplace.