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Posted November 15, 2016

capitol christmas tree


Every truck driver understands the value of each load they carry and their responsibility to safely transport the freight from shipper to receiver. That trust in a trucking company’s professionalism and dedication builds reputations, and for Gary Amoth Trucking of Twin Falls, Idaho, it led to a true honor.

Gary Amoth started his business in 1983, as the sole driver of his one truck. He steadily built his company over the years with one guiding principle: Do the right thing … all the time. He makes a point of explaining on his website that his customers get good service because he takes good care of his drivers: “Placing the drivers’ safety, comfort and satisfaction above all else ensures the best results for the company and its customers”

Now, the 100-truck company has been asked to drive the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree from Idaho to Washington ,D.C. in November, a 4,000-mile trip that will end with delivery of the 80-foot Englemann Spruce to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. There the tree will come out of its crate and make its way to the U.S. Capitol for a lighting ceremony.

The specially decorated Kenworth T680 will make stops all along the way, giving people all across the country a chance for a peek — the top of the tree will be visible under glass, and decorated with lights at each stop.

A salesman from the Boise Kenworth dealership suggested Amoth for the coveted job, based on the care he takes with all of his trucks. And while the freight is unique, Amoth still had to secure all the correct permits to transport the oversized load through each state he’ll pass through. He’s using a custom-built cradled trailer.

He’ll do all the driving himself, but will still have plenty of company. Smokejumper Chris Niccoli, who makes his living parachuting into forests to put out fires, will be on hand to care for the tree. A bladder that holds 80-gallons of water is along for the ride, and Niccoli will use it to make sure the tree gets 20-40 gallons each day, keeping it fresh and strong for its ultimate destination.

Another Amoth Trucking truck will make the same journey, carrying 70 additional evergreens from various Idaho tree farms that will be placed in government offices, and ornaments for all of the trees, created by Idaho children.

And what would an Idaho convoy be without a potato? The Big Idaho Potato Truck, official vehicle of the Idaho Potato Commission, brings more than mere eye candy to the trip. The 6-ton, 28-foot potato replica on a flatbed will be filled with ornaments that will be sold along the way, with funds going to charities that promote outdoor activity for kids.

“We are excited to be part of this great adventure,” the company posted on its Facebook page when it got the news.

The adventure begins on November 5. Safe travels, driver!