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WEX Introduces Proprietary Payments Solution for Mixed Fleets: Cross Roads

Posted March 14, 2018


We are proud to announce the latest addition to our innovative line of fleet cards—WEX Cross Roads, the new one-card solution for fleets requiring unleaded and diesel fueling options at BOTH truck stops and convenience stores.

Cross Roads was developed with mixed fleet customers to create one of the first fully closed-loop networks across retail and high-speed diesel locations. The offer combines all the benefits WEX cards are known for – competitive pricing, integrated reporting and convenience, matchless product controls and the largest proprietary network of accepting merchants – plus thousands of added savings made available through the WEX EDGE Savings Network, an asset leveraged from our acquisition of Electronic Funds Source (EFS). Among those added savings are truck stop fuel discounts that average 15 cents per gallon, as well as special pricing on a myriad of fleet business expenses including tires, office supplies, mobile phone plans and more.

“If your business uses a variety of vehicles—heavy trucks, vans, sedans and other vehicles—we designed Cross Roads for you,” said Bernie Kavanagh, SVP and GM of large fleet for WEX. “Gone are the days of using multiple cards for retail fueling and truck stop fueling. Leveraging synergies from our EFS acquisition, WEX is proud to introduce Cross Roads creating a single source for managing all fuel purchases with one system, one account, one card, one invoice and one support team.”

Cross Roads, combined with the WEX EDGE Savings Network, will offer fleets these industry-leading features:

  • Acceptance: Fuel anywhere within the WEX network of 160,000 + fueling sites and truck stops. Including Pilot Flying J, Love’s, TA and many truck stop independents.
  • Savings: Enjoy a fuel discount network averaging 15 cents per gallon at more than 3,400 travel center or truck stop locations nationwide – plus nationwide savings on office suppliers, wireless plans, tires and more.
  • Management: Track all your fuel spend, regardless of vehicle type, in one bill, using a single reporting system.
  • Control: 99.8 percent Level III data and custom spending controls help beat fraud and misuse.
  • Integration: Data integrates with WEX ClearView to offer visual analysis on diesel fueling.
  • Support: WEX U.S.-based customer service reps are fleet-trained and always on call.
  • Alerts: a daily savings report sent right to your inbox documenting the day’s per gallon discount by merchant, to help fleets manage and control expenses.

“In a world of tight budgets and schedules,” Kavanagh said, “every dollar and minute count when you’re running a business, so we’ve also created a daily price report that is sent right to your inbox, your intranet or mobile device, highlighting the day’s discounted fuel price specific to the individual merchant, helping manage and control your fleet’s expenses.”

“We developed Cross Roads as we develop all our solutions: in collaboration with our customers,” Kavanagh said. “Mixed-fleets can now use a single card to fuel any vehicle and still get the widest acceptance, most robust controls and best-in-class support they’ve come to expect from WEX, plus the added benefit of the WEX EDGE Savings Network, creating further value.”

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