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Travel Photography Spotlight - Travel to Australia!

Posted July 24, 2015


Last month was “Global Travel Month” at WEX where a spotlight was shined on WEX’s global travel business. WEX’s Arts and Innovation Program contributed to the Global Travel Month festivities through mounting a travel photo exhibition in the back lobby of Long Creek. They asked our international employees to share photographs from their favorite travel experiences and hung them in an exhibition titled, “Wanderlust!

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing the photos with you. We hope you enjoy these beautiful travel photography images from around the world.

This week's photo:

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road

Kaye O’Hara
WEX Central Services Officer - 12 years
Melbourne Australia

Travel Locale: Victoria, Australia

“This photo was taken at a feature named “London Bridge” along the Great Ocean Road, which makes its way along Victoria’s western coastline. The 30km (approx. 19 miles) section between Princetown and Peterborough follows closely along the coastline and some of the region’s most spectacular coastal scenery is located along this stretch. London Bridge was a limestone span jutting out from the coast containing two arches and two pillars, until the closest arch to land collapsed in 1990. This gap cannot be seen in the photograph but waves are visible at the foot of the closest pillar. The feature itself is now an arch separate from the mainland. I took a weekend trip to this area last year, as part of the photography contest held at the time. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal, but cleared sufficiently on Sunday for some relatively good conditions and enjoyable photography. On a historical note, the Great Ocean Road was built, primarily by hand, by returned soldiers from World War 1.”

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