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Posted April 17, 2018

Georgina Mackenzie


Working in project delivery for nearly 10 years at WEX Australia, Georgina Mackenzie has had a hand in delivering many internal projects, new products, and other initiatives that have fueled business growth. In 2015 she made the move from project manager to her current position as project delivery manager – a role that finds Georgina and her team handling projects that run the gamut when it comes to size, audience, and deliverable.

“I really enjoy the diversity of the work, and the fact that we have a mix of internal and customer-facing initiatives means that it’s always interesting,” says Georgina. “I often have the chance to learn new things and expand my knowledge, especially since a lot of the projects we deliver have a technology component. And after we introduce new functionality and products, it’s great to see how they benefit our clients and the business over time.”

The important role project management and delivery plays for us, and the industry, was recently underscored when Georgina received the Emerging Leader Award at the 2017 Women in Payments Symposium. This global recognition encompasses Georgina’s accomplishments at WEX Australia, and across the payments industry, in areas of leadership, mentorship, integrity, and diversity.

Georgina’s Decade of Growth

During her time at WEX Australia, Georgina has managed and delivered projects that have spurred a lot of growth and change for the organization. When she first joined us, our card programs mostly served small and medium fuel groups and customers. Today our focus is on the major oil companies. In addition to the growth of our customer base, the past 10 years have also seen improvements and enhancements to customer services and merchant terminals and services.

Georgina and her team have also delivered internal infrastructure projects and other initiatives designed to keep WEX Australia on its growth trajectory. She points to the initiation of a PBX system and the launch of a web-based customer self-service solution as two prime examples of how project management skills can handle whatever product or solution the business requires. “Even if my team has no specific experience in a product or solution, we’re given the support needed so we’re never limited on the kinds of projects we can deliver,” she notes.

A lot of that support comes in the form of collaboration with her WEX Australia colleagues. With most projects running on agile delivery, Georgina’s project managers work closely with a business analyst, tech analyst, network architects, software developers, and testers, as well as representatives from product, marketing, operations, and finance. Customer service is also engaged from the beginning of most projects to make sure new products and solutions meet customers’ needs.

Skills for Success

What does it take to be a member of the project delivery team? In addition to solid project management experience, Georgina looks for people that have a diverse range of skills. “Analytic skills are especially important, as we want people who can quickly identify what’s needed in any situation and propose solutions,” observes Georgina. “Clear thinking, good communication skills, and the ability to work in a team are also very important when working in the agile space.”

Georgina is gearing, and staffing, up to deliver exciting and significant new projects in the year ahead. Currently, she has three project managers and five business analysts on her team and plans are in the works to recruit new project delivery team members. “The culture here is very positive, supportive, and inclusive across all the departments, with everyone working towards a common goal, recognizing both challenges and successes,” says Georgina. “It’s an exciting place to be and my team is very enthusiastic about the future of WEX – it’s really the land of opportunity!”

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