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Posted December 7, 2018

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Last month, we told you about our commitment to investing in our employees’ career development. To support the career growth of all of our people, we recently developed maps to help them envision how far they can go within the company, and we provide detailed instructions on how to reach their desired destination.

So who better to tell you about the opportunities we empower our employees to seize other than four who have experienced it firsthand? Joshua Amoroso, Megan Didonato, Lauralyn Pierce and Jessie Stuart each began their journeys at WEX in our customer service hub, the Contact Center, and went on to translate the product training they received into new positions with greater responsibilities. Here’s what they have to say:

Joshua Amoroso, CITGO Channel Strategy Manager: “From my first day with WEX in June 2015, I made my ambitions clear: I wanted to eventually work in sales. I was able to learn about the complex branded partnerships, systems and most importantly, the customers that make up our business. My team leaders set clear goals to help me excel in my role as a customer service agent and then to seek out opportunities in the sales department. Looking back, I’m in awe of the support I got that helped me grow as an individual, as well as a professional, in my career pursuit in sales.”

Megan Didonato, Team Lead, Inside Sales: “‘Attention to detail drives everything you do’; ‘positive action and positive thought leads to success’; and ‘hope is not a strategy.’ Each of these quotes represent the mindset that helped me in getting other career opportunities here at WEX. It was a drive that I had, and I was in control of the outcome. My original start date with WEX was May of 1998. In 2003, I left when I had my first son, and returned in August 2011. With every role that I have held here at WEX, I’ve always thought of myself as the customer. Delivering a good customer experience is very important to me.”

Lauralyn Pierce, Team Lead, NA Fleet Customer Relations: “Our Contact Center provides the knowledge and the confidence to go anywhere in the company. Starting in customer service in 2006 gave me a background into our business and our culture. Our service professionals know the ins and outs of our customers and their accounts. I can’t imagine a better place to start at WEX.”

Jessie Stuart, Senior Account Manager, Corporate Payments: “I started in the Contact Center in June 2006, learned our Mastercard product in 2007 and became a mentor. With the help of my team leader, I was able to take the skills I learned in the Contact Center and become an account manager with Corporate Payments in December 2013. I have continued to be a mentor, not only in our North America offices but for other Corporate Payments account managers globally. My time in the Contact Center provided me the foundational skills and knowledge of the business, which continues to help me grow my career here at WEX.”

Check out our careers page for open sales and customer service roles, and read about what your career at WEX could look like here.


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